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These events may line up with the CCRC Republican Creed and values, but CCRC is not directly sponsoring any of these events. There may also be community events listed here.

Events from Orange County Republican Committee

Click here for more info on any of them.

Calendar of Meetings

Board of Supervisors

  • Tuesday, April 7, 2023   7:00 PM

  • 302 N. Main Street

  • Susan Gugino, Tom Underwood

  • Agenda: Click here (Click on specific meeting.)

Town Council

  • Tuesday,  April 14, 2023  7:00 pm

  • 302 N. Main Street

  • Joe Short, Janie Schmidt

  • Agenda: Click here (Click on Meetings, then specific meeting.)

Check out Culpeper Media Network for live streaming or archived recordings.

School Board

  • Monday, April 13, 2023  6:00 pm

  • CCHS Studio, 14240 Achievement Dr

  • Deborah Desilets

  • Agenda: Click here (Click on specific meeting.)


Support our conservative board members (listed above) and keep the CCRC informed of action items we need to mobilize on.

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